Administration Department

Arslan Tariq Sethi Chair Person

  • excellent leadership and management style
  • a central vision for the Department and the Departmental subject
  • good communication within the Department
  • good organisation in terms of assessment, record keeping and homework
  • competent systems for monitoring and evaluation
  • collegial decision making
  • good internal relationships (personal and professional)

Numan Tariq Sethi Exective Officer


No Name None

Dr Mazhar Ul Haq MBBS (Pak), MPH (Thai) MBA (Pak), RMP (Pak) Hijama Expert & Family Physician

Dr Iftikhar Ali MBBS, DCP, MAIUM
Consultant Pathologist/

Management Department

Raja Sagheer Ahmed Asst Marketing Manager

Muhammad Amir Pathology Lab Marketing Manager

Muhammad Abrar Shah Marketing Manager 

Shahid Iqbal Minhas Accountant

Mumraiz Hussain Medical Asst

Muhammad Sajjid Receptionist

Pathology Department

Abdul Sami Mughal Asst Lab Technician



Syed Ahsan Raza Lab Incharge

         Muhammad Riaz          Pharmacist/ MLT

Radiology Department

Mukhtar Hussain Asst X-Ray Technician

Malik Fakhar Abbas X-Ray Incharge