YMDC has made all previously available medical set ups primitive.

Yashfeen Medical Diagnostic Center is providing complete imaging and laboratory services under one roof. It is capable of fulfilling requirements of increasing demanding health sector of the capital. Committed to quality heath care, this Center is equipped with state-of-art facilities.

Yashfeen Medical Diagnostic Center is staffed by a qualified team of experienced Radiologists and Pathologists supported by a highly skilled and competent team of techinicians and technologists.

  •  X-Ray-800-A Siemens with      Fluoroscopy
  •  4D Real Time Ultra sonography      (GE Voluson 730 PRO)
  •  Mammography
  •  DEXA Bone Scan
  •  Real time PCR
         (Rotor gene-3000)
  •  Complete range of Lab tests
  •  Axysm (Abbott USA) Machine.      (Special Chemistry Analyzer)

  •  Yashfeen Medical Diagnostic Center is     the only Center of its kind
  •  Rates much less than any other     similar or less equipped set up
  •  Experienced and well trained     staff
  •  Test's Report Status Alerts
  •  24/7 services
  •  Strict quality control
  •  State-Of-The-Art diagnostic     equipment

  •  Open 7 days a week, late     evening hours, including holidays
  •  24-hour turnaround time on     reports
  •  Films delivered upon request
  •  Qualified Radiologists
  •  Insurance pre-authorization and     verification
  •  Highly trained, Friendly and     Caring Staff